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GerbyCasts with Phil Gerbyshak

Sep 26, 2018

Harry Mills educates the reader how to reinvent the sales process in Zero Resistance: The Science and Secrets of Supercharging your Sales by Eliminating Buyer Skepticism and Mistrust. For the first time in the history of selling, buyers hold the cards. Google-driven technologies have armed buyers with any time, anywhere access to the choices and information they need to call the shots.

Century-old tell-and-sell persuasive packages of sales tools and techniques, even when dressed up as consultative selling, no longer work. When buyers hold the power and knowledge they resist attempts at direct persuasion. As a result, sales productivity is plummeting. However, psychologists who study influence have discovered a form of influence that's more potent than the many forms of direct persuasion sellers still cling to.

This new, more powerful form of influence is called self-persuasion.

Zero Resistance is the first book to show sellers how to sell more by using the power of self-persuasion to dissolve and eliminate buyer resistance. This book reveals how self-persuasion is the key to engaging and winning the trust of today's skeptical customers.

Get a copy of Zero Resistance.