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GerbyCasts with Phil Gerbyshak

Feb 17, 2017

As a member of the National Speakers Association, I get to meet many interesting speakers, authors and thought leaders from around the world. Some are very experienced, some are not very experienced, and some just stand out as soon as you come in contact with them.

Scott McKain is the latter, and is someone once you meet, or even see on video, you never forget.

Scott was gracious enough to spend a few minutes in person with me at last year's NSA annual Influence convention, and we set up time to go deeper into a conversation in this podcast. I learned a lot, and Scott has so much to share, I wish we had hours to spend with you.

From speaking at 4H until today where he speaks in front of hundreds of thousands of people every year, Scott McKain is remarkable. I am super excited to share this helpful conversation with you. 

Scott McKain

More about Scott McKain 

Scott McKain is an internationally known authority who helps organizations create distinction in every phase of business and teaches how to deliver an “Ultimate Customer Experience®.”

Scott McKain creates captivating presentations and bestselling books which clearly reveal how to create more compelling connections between you and your customers and how to stand out and move up, regardless of the economic climate in your industry. Scott McKain’s calling is business – and his passion is platform presentations. He is a unique combination of vast speaking experience and new, cutting-edge information. His presentations benet from three decades of experience, combined with his innate talent for articulating successful ideas. McKain has spoken before and consulted for the world’s most influential corporations.

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