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GerbyCasts with Phil Gerbyshak

Nov 18, 2016

Lee Constantine has an interesting model with Publishizer: It's one part Kickstarter, one part independent publisher, and all parts making sure you can actually sell your book before you publish it.

I normally don't do episodes where I just talk about a product or service, but this is special. If you are thinking about self publishing or even traditional publishing your book, check these guys out first.

And no, I don't get anything from sharing this. Except for I get to be really happy if this helps you make more money (or not lose money) publishing your book. 

I asked Lee about how this got started, what the downsides might be, and more about how this works. I left this interview very impressed, to say the least, and I am seriously considering using this for a future book project.

3 Steps - How Publishizer Works

Submit a 1000 word proposal

A book proposal explains your book to readers and publishers. Be guided step-by-step through using our book proposal template.

Launch a 45 day pre-orders campaign

Needless to say, more pre-orders results in more interested publishers!
At 500 pre-orders, your proposal is queried to traditional publishers.

Reply to interested publishers directly

Interested publishers message you, and you’ll receive a range of offers.
Select the best publisher for you, and claim your funds via PayPal.

Connect with Publishizer

Go to the Publishizer website. Look around. If you're thinking about publishing a book in the future, it is worth your time to see if this is for you.