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Feb 2, 2017

I first met Robert Caruso as part of a group of social media masterminds Keri Jaehnig setup years ago. He was hustling his face off to build a spectacular piece of software that he eventually sold off. But Robert wasn't done. Not by a long shot! Now he's running a social agency called Fondalo, and he's still hustling his face off, but with more balance. 

Now Robert is a married dad and while he's still the same feisty guy I knew all those years ago, he's found his balance and is living life and running business more on his terms. I know you'll enjoy this conversation where Robert shares things he's never shared in public before, and where he offers insights into marketing people pay top dollar to learn from him.

And you'll learn the meaning of Fondalo, his company name, and his Twitter handle.

Robert Caruso is Fondalo

More about Robert Caruso

Recognized on Forbes list of top 40 social media marketers and the 57th top digital marketing influencer in 2016 , Robert Caruso is a social media, digital marketing and technology professional with over 20 years creating, planning and executing strategies within various industries. Robert was the co-founder of Bundlepost and holds multiple internet technology patents.

Robert writes, speaks and consults on social, relationship and digital marketing, but he focuses on working with B2B, Enterprise, SaaS and Startup brands to develop, design and executive integrated digital marketing programs that impact their traffic, lead generation and net results online.


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