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Conversations with Phil Gerbyshak - Aligning your mindset, skill set and tool set for peak performance

Nov 7, 2018

Mike Cameron is a passionate family man, entrepreneur, speaker and writer. He is also the CEO and Managing Partner of Axiom Mortgage. A big proponent of lifelong learning and always believe that there is something to be taken away from every experience.

When his girlfriend was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 2015 he took a keen interest in domestic violence prevention and specifically in redefining what it means to be a badass.

Mike runs his business and tries to live his life by the three tenets of Passion, Pride, and Purpose.

Mike shared some smart stuff.

Find the love in what you do. You want to do more business, talk to more people. And his simple sales framework that he uses with his sales team: Ask questions, tell stories, be authentic.