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Dec 1, 2016

Leadership is the topic du jour, and few people know it as well as Peter Barron Stark. I've been fortunate enough to spend time with Peter at several National Speaker's Association conferences, and his quietly insightful way of sharing things always leaves me smarter, and wanting more time with him. He is the co-author of Why Leaders Fail with past guest Mary Kelly, which you can listen to here, as well as The Only Leadership Book You'll Ever Need: How to Build Organizations Where Employees Love to Come to Work and coming in 2017, The Only Negotiation Guide You'll Ever Need:101 Ways to Win Every Time, in Every Situation

To say I got to converse with a master of leadership is an understatement. Peter is straight to the point, with actionable insights, and shares things we can all do to be a better leader. 

What I like best about Peter is though he has probably forgotten more about leadership than most will ever hope to know, he is humble and willing to learn from others, as evidenced by his company, and the fact that many of his books have a co-author, which takes his work to another level. 

About Peter Barron Stark

Peter Barron Stark, President of Peter Barron Stark Companies, is a consultant, coach, speaker, author and co-creator of The Manager’s Toolkit. Peter is one of only a handful of speakers to hold the prestigious dual designation of Accredited Speaker from Toastmaster’s International and the Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaker’s Association.

Over the past twenty years, organizations around the world have called upon Peter to transform their cultures and maximize the effectiveness of their leaders. He has coached more than 400 executives, managers and supervisors on the art of leading people. Peter specializes in helping leaders improve their communication skills, build stronger relationships, hold direct reports accountable and build a reputation for delivering superior results.

He has been published worldwide in over 300 articles, has written ten books, and created The Manager’s Toolkit, a subscription-based website to help turn managers into leaders. Peter’s expertise has been featured by American Executive, Investor’s Business Daily, The New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and USA Today.

Peter Barron Stark - on Leadership

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