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Conversations with Phil Gerbyshak - Aligning your mindset, skill set and tool set for peak performance

Feb 21, 2017

Many years ago I started reading business books. I remember reading First Break All The Rules, Good to Great, Who Moved My Cheese, Love is the Killer App, Radical Leap, and many other great books. I knew there had to be a faster way to get just the highlights of the books I wanted to read, but I really didn't like a lot of the offerings that were out there, so I would try one, and then not use it.

More than a few but not that many years ago, I found one that felt different. It felt different because it was not just a summary of the book, but actionable information I could use. In this conversation, I get to talk to the founders of that company, Steve and Marisa Cunningham, who not only are married, but they work together in their company,

How do they do it and stay sane? Why did they decide to launch this awesome book summary service? How does Steve read a book a day? All this and more is answered in this episode of Conversations with Phil!

Steve & Marisa Cunningham -

About Steve and Marisa Cunningham and

Marisa and Steve Cunningham have lived through the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life, and are proof that you can work with your life partner and keep your sanity.
Before, Marisa started off her working life in marketing and PR, working for some of Toronto’s largest law firms along the way. Steve was a lawyer for one week, and then went on to run a manufacturing company, a digital marketing agency, and now 
They live in Toronto with their two beautiful daughters Sophie and Emma, and their dog Stewie (yes, the name inspired by Family Guy). is the smartest and easiest way for entrepreneurs and leaders to learn what matters. They summarize best-selling business and personal development books into 12-minut animated videos, audio and text, that help turn your “in-between moments” into the most productive parts of your day. They have thousands of customers around the world, and testimonials from respected thought leaders like Tony Hsieh and Dan Pink. 

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