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Dec 20, 2016

Charles Lerette aka Hugh Briss is a social media pioneer. He was the first person I remember making social media graphics, nearly 10 years ago now. He's still the first person I look to for guidance on for the right way to use imagery for social media.

With my recent move to Florida, I actually got to spend a day with Hugh, and learned he is even smarter than I realized - and that's saying something. He's a savvy business owner who teaches himself new skills to remain relevant in his niche. Whether it's photography, where he got his degree, creating social media headers, or video, Charles is a smart guy. 

Yes, his real name is Charles Lerette. You'll find him online as a photographer with that name, and all his social media identity information online as Hugh Briss. We'll talk about why he did that and so much more in this conversation.

More about Charles Lerette aka Hugh Briss

All aspects of your online presence matter, and Charles can help you with them all. He's taken my headshots, done my logo, designed my podcast art, my social media header graphics, and even does print layout. He's been doing graphic design for longer than most people have even thought about graphic design, and he has a great eye for taking a concept from idea to execution, fast. 

Learn from Hugh Briss

Social Identities - the portal into all things social with Hugh - need good photography taken, or an image cleaned up? He does it all, here

Hugh Briss / Social Identities on Facebook - This is where I get the majority of my social imagery information, super relevant

Social Media Masterminds Facebook Group - Got questions about social media? This group will help you. I hang out here and learn a TON from the people inside. Definitely speeds up answering any questions I have about social media because of the experts who pay to be part of this terrific group.