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Mar 2, 2017

Many years ago, I met Chuck Frey because he had an innovation blog and I came upon his blog. I commented on his blog a few times, and we exchanged emails. Then I realized he lived near me in Milwaukee. We had dinner, and we've become great friends. I learned he's a family guy, with a wonderful wife with 2 daughters and a son with autism and also a mind mapping lover, and a content marketing expert.

He's created some AMAZING content products and written some powerful articles. I love learning from Chuck - and I'm so glad to share this conversation with you! 


More about Chuck Frey 

Chuck Frey is an experienced content marketing and digital marketing strategist with exceptional creative problem-solving skills and finely-honed entrepreneurial instincts. Chuck creates and executes marketing plans and materials that build audience engagement, generate leads and attract new business. He has grown several successful online businesses. Chuck has also built and nurtured talented teams that have achieved excellent results.

Chuck blends his in-depth knowledge of web technologies with strategic marketing know-how to deliver superior results for his employers and clients.

He specializes in creating compelling web content that commands attention and drives action. Chuck is a creative problem-solver who can transform the "straw" of raw information to the "gold" of clear, compelling content that gains the trust, understanding and support of audiences and stakeholders.

During the last decade, Chuck have successfully grown 2 online businesses that he has cultivated into thought leaders in their niches. The common thread between his vocation and his avocation is developing powerful ideas that drive business growth.

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